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Athletic Booster Club


The Riverheads High School Athletic Booster Club supports all the athletic programs at the school by raising funds through various activities throughout the year.  The club usually meets the first Monday of every month (execpt July) in the RHS conference room located in the main office.  There is NO membership fee to join or to get involved with the activities.  Get involved by helping raise money for your child's athletic team by working in the concession stand, helping with fundraisers and supporting other activities that the club puts on throughout the year.  Let's all work together and continue to provide nice equipment, uniforms and facitilites for the student-athletes at Riverheads High School. 



2015-16 Athletic Booster Club Officers:

      President:            Travis Armstrong      294-5309   twarmstrong22@gmail.com            

      Vice-President:    Gregg Shultz

      Secretary:           Kim Hunsburger

      Treasurer:            Misty Cash


Concessions Team:

      Place Orders:  Heath Heizer

      Stock Machines:  Heath Heizer

      Treasurer:  Teresa Bishop


Athletic Hall of Fame Director:  David Clymore

Golf Tournament Director:  Jerry Jarvis


Click on link (PDF file):   Red Pride Athletic Hall of Fame Application


Next Meeting: Monday, October 5, 2015  6:00pm

*Thanks to everyone who showed up at the meeting. 



Parent Contacts for each Sport 2015-16:

Football:  Travis Armstrong

Volleyball:  Misty Cash

Cheerleading:  Tina Heizer

Cross Country:   TBA

Golf:    TBA

Wrestling:  Gayle Shultz
Girls Basketball:  TBA
Boys Basketball: Phyllis Hostetler/Dawn Roberts

Baseball:  Travis Armstrong

Softball:  Misty Cash

Soccer:  Melonie Skillman/Kim Hunsberger

Track:     TBA



CHECK OUT Athletic Booster Club on FACEBOOK

Riverheads Athletic Booster Club is now on Facebook.  Just type in “Riverheads Athletic Booster Club” and get announcements on upcoming events sponsored by the club. 




If you have any questions,suggestions or comments for the Athletic Booster club, please feel free tocontact them by way of email at rhs.boosterclub@yahoo.comto express your thoughts. 



Athletic Booster Club Annual Awards    

Each year the Riverheads Athletic Booster club presents two awards at the annual RED PRIDE Athletic Hall of Fame banquet.  The two awards are the "Jim Stout Pioneer Award" and the "Booster of the Year Award."  Here are the past winners of these awards:


Booster of the Year                                                 

1979 - G.C. Ashby                                             

2003 - Eloise Moore                                          

2004 - G.C. Ashby, Ray Sorrells, Kenneth LaPorte

2005 - Nancy Miller

2006 - Jerry Jarvis

2007 - Keith Bosserman

2008 - Scott Conyer, Terri Gordon

2009 - Vonda Hutchinson

2010 - Jerry Jarvis

2011-  Ken Cox

2012 - David Clymore/Jan Moore

2013 - Jerry Jarvis

2014 - Teresa Bishop



Jim Stout Pioneer Award              

2004 - Edward Clymore

2005 - J. Donald Hanger

2006 - Dennis Case

2007 - Eloise Moore

2008 - Robyn Jarvis

2009 - Kenneth LaPorte

2010 - Charlotte Williams, Jean Callison

2011-  Dave Hardie

2012 - Wayne Bradley

2013 - Steve Kyle

2014 - Warren Bradley



*A plaque is displayed with each of these awards in the New Gym commons area at Riverheads High School.




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