Athletic Admission Prices & Athletic Passes

Athletic Admission Prices & Athletic Passes


REGULAR SeasonGate Prices



*All proceeds from the regular season go directly back to the school and help cover the cost of equipment, officials and other team needs.




The Shenandoah District has set the following regular season admission prices this year:




Fall Admission Prices

Varsity Football            $5.00

JV Football                   $5.00

Volleyball                     $5.00



Winter Admission Prices

Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball(Varsity/JV)               $5.00

Wrestling                                                          $5.00



Spring Admission Prices

Baseball                  (JV& Varsity)                     $5.00

Softball                   (JV & Varsity)                     $5.00

Boys’ Soccer          (JV & Varsity)                     $5.00

Girls’ Soccer          (JV & Varsity)                      $5.00



*Special Meets may haveadmission fee (ex.: Augusta County Meet)



*Admission prices listed apply to:

1.  Adults

2.  Students

3.  Senior citizens






*All proceeds from the conference tournament go towards the operational cost of the tournament and help cover conference expenses.



Fall Admission Prices

Cross Country                           $5.00

Volleyball                                  $5.00

Competition Cheerleading           $5.00



Winter Admission Prices

Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball      Single Game - $5.00        Doubleheader - $6.00

Wrestling         $5.00



Spring Admission Prices


Baseball                  $5.00

Softball                   $5.00

Boys’ Soccer          $5.00

Girls’ Soccer          $5.00

Track                     $5.00



Region 1A East & State Tournament


Tournament prices may increase for regional and state tournaments. All proceeds from the region or state tournaments go towards the operational cost of the tournament and help cover tournament expenses.



Riverheads Athletic Passes



Family Pass(Immediate family only)                         $250.00

Adult Pass(individual):                                             $150.00

Student Pass (individual):                                        $100.00

Senior Citizen (individual):     (62 years orolder)        $75.00




*Notes regarding the RHS Pass*


-  Pass valid for Fall, Winter, SpringActivities during the REGULAR season ONLY


-  Pass valid only at home RHS regular season events


-  No one other than the person listed on the pass should use it


-  Must present the pass at each game and sign in on the pass sheet


-  Does NOT include POST season activities including conference, region, or state tournaments

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